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What to Do with Old Computers that still Work

Are you confused about what to do with old computers that still work then this article is for you. In this guide, we are sharing some best tips for those who don’t know what to do with their old computers which they don’t want them anymore.

As we know technology is growing day by day and people are shifted towards advanced technologies. Same as computers are also comes with advanced specifications on which you can play more advanced games and also run different heavy softwares smoothly.

What to do with old computers that still work

Now the question is what should I do with my old computer should I keep it in my storeroom or I use it for some other purpose.

I have some great ideas for your question about what to do with old computers that still work and we hope you find these tips helpful before keeping it in your storeroom.

1. Use Components

If your desktop is broken and not operating to do any task but still it has some working components. You can use these components with your new PC. First, we talk about the monitor if you are shifting towards the dual monitor setup in a near-future or don’t want to spend money to buy a new monitor then this old monitor is the best option for you.

Advantages of Dual Monitor setup

There are many advantages of dual monitor setup some are

  • Excellent multitasking work.
  • Increased productivity.
  • Easily share data.
  • Do your comparison work comfortably.

Now coming towards the hard drive, if your old computer hard drive working fine you can use it as an external hard drive. You can also use it with your new computer if you think my hard drive is working fine and I don’t want to buy a new hard drive.

Another option is you can also sell your computer components like CD/DVD ROM, power supply, etc or full PC to repair shops and also on the online platforms. Because repair shops owner and other people are looking to buy an old computer which they can use it according to their requirements.

2. Make a Guest or Kitchen Desktop

Another best idea for your old computer is you can also keep it in your guest room. So your guest who stays for some nights can use it and do his important task. If you love to learn new cooking recipes on a large screen you can also use it in the kitchen.

3. Donate it

If you want to buy a new computer and don’t want to sell or keep the old desktop components for future use, you can donate this system to any non-profit organization. Now it depends on local organizations either they required full PC or they need any component.

But one thing you should do before donating removed all the data from the system. If your desktop is very old another option for you is recycling.

4. For Security Cameras

Another best option for what to do with the old desktop is you can use it for CCTV cameras to view footage and save the video recordings.

Some other tips are

  • You can use it for an experimental purpose like how to clean a fan or how to attach ram and hard drive.
  • Upgradation is another best option for your old computer so you can smoothly do your work and play advanced games on it.
  • If you download large size games or any other things like online tutorials then the old computer is one of the best options for your overnight downloading.
  • Use it for learning different operating systems like Windows or Mac operating systems.
  • Old computers are also one of the best options for kids to learn how to work on operating systems.

Final word

If you like this article what to do with old computers that still work please tell us in the comment section. And if you have some other great ideas you can also share it with us.

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