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What are the Advantages of Chromebook

Are you want to replace your laptop with Chromebook and confused what are the advantages of Chromebook then you are at right place. In this article, I will also discuss for which student Chromebook works great.

What is Chromebook

Chromebook not use Window or Linux operating system they comes with their own operating system which is Chrome OS. On Chromebook you can performed variety of tasks using the chrome browser. You have to install apps from google play store and use it on Chromebook.

advantages of chromebook

Advantages of Chromebook

1.Less expensive

The most important advantage of Chromebook is they are not so expansive so if you have a limited budget or you are a student, you can easily buy it. Mostly Chromebook price range start from 150 to 400 dollars which you can select according to your budget and smoothly do your tasks.

2. Fast performance

Solid-state (SSD) hard drive access speed is 35 to 100 micro-second which is 100 times faster than a traditional hard drive. So you will experience fast performance, quick boot-up and quickly transfer your files due to SSD hard drive and also having good ram and processor.

3. Battery

Chromebook comes with excellent battery life, but it depends on the model mostly, Chromebook provides you battery life up to 8 to 12 hours which is enough to do your work like web surfing, document creation, and many more on a single charge.

Battery life also depends on usage type

4. Lightweight

If you travel a lot and looking for a lightweight laptop for your simple daily task then Chromebook is best for you. Because they are mostly lightweight and comes with good battery life so you don’t need to worry about battery life how can I travel with it.

5. Security

The chrome operating system comes with a built-in virus and malware system which is updated regularly after sometimes and provides you good security.

Some other advantages of Chromebook are they offer google drive storage free, it comes with parental control feature and automatically sync option.

 Disadvantages of Chromebook
  • They have limited storage if you are looking for a laptop whose hard drive is 500 GB or 1 Tb then Chromebook is not for you.
  • Mostly Application required an internet connection

Is Chromebook good for Students?

These laptops are lightweight and not so expensive. So if you looking for a laptop on which you can do online research, assignment, or notes creation and read books online then yes its works best for students.

Can I play games on Chromebooks?

You can play games on Chromebooks which are downloaded from google play store.

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