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How to Fix an Overheating Laptop

One of the most common problems with old and new laptops is overheating. Many people don’t know how to fix this problem. In this article, we will try to give some information about how to fix an overheating laptop.

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What is the Main Cause of Overheating?

Answer: cooling Problem.

Why an Overheated Laptop Is Dangerous.

When your laptop or computer becomes too hot, there is a chance that destroys or shorten the life of hardware inside your laptop and computer. Which may be irreparable damage and data loss.

Signs of Laptop Overheating.

Some important signs of Laptop overheating are

1.  Laptop or Computer is struggling to perform some basic tasks.

2.  Fan making loud noises and the fan is running at maximum speed.

3. Lines are showing up on your laptop screen (a sign your video card is overheating).

4. Laptop or Computer shutdown suddenly.

5. Windows stop responding during use.

6. Mouse and keyboard stop responding.

Here are some ways for How to Fix an Overheating Laptop.

1. Fix Internal Cooling.

The most important thing you need to do is when your laptop is overheating clean the fans of your laptop. Because after some time dust block airflow.

Tip: When possible, clean your laptop fan from professional if you don’t have the expertise to do it yourself.

2. Buy Cooling Pads or External Fans

Laptop cooling pads or fans provide air inside the laptop. These external coolers help to maintain the internal airflow of the laptop, which keeps the laptop cool.

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Specification of this Product.

This one of the best laptop cooling pad it comes with a special design which easily cools down laptop up to 17.3 inches. it has Wave metal mesh and 1000-15000RPM 1 big fan and 4 small fans. Another best feature of this cooling pad is it has 4 adjustable stand height settings which you can select according to your requirement.

its flip-up silicone holder is great and also has an adjustable speed feature and foam pad. This cooling pad has two USB ports and switches from which you can easily on/off fans and lights.

3. Keep it on a Hard and Clean Surface.

When you start working on a laptop don’t place a laptop on a pillow, bed, or any other soft places. Find a hard and clean surface that will help to maintain good airflow. Because Laptop needs regular air intake to keep the air circulating inside the device and keep the laptop cool.

If you keep a laptop on a dirty surface it is also dangerous for the laptop because dust also overheats laptops. So keep a Laptop on clean hard surfaces.

Conclusion for How to Fix an Overheating Laptop.

There are many ways to fix an Overheating Laptop. The problem of overheating is dangerous. It can also damage the internal components of your laptop. Always Check your Cooling fans, keep it on a clean and hard surface, Improve performance by adding more rams, you can also use cooling fans.

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