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Top 7 Best Shredder for Small Business

You have important documents that contain confidential data and looking for the best shredder which fulfills your requirements then you are at the right place. In this article, we will discuss different best shredder for small business which are selected after proper research and seeing different customer’s reviews.

Shredder is very important for your business when you are dealing with customer sensitive documents like tax papers, bank statements,  loan documents or dealing with any other sensitive information.

Throwing your customer confidential information in trash is not a good option because they have sensitive information that is against the privacy rule. Shredding is a good way to discard confidential documents it cuts the papers into small pieces so nobody could read their information.

There are many shredder manufacturing companies that come up with different features, but finding the best shredder for business is not an easy task it takes a lot of time for finding the best product. So don’t worry we are sharing a list of best shredders for business use, which fulfills your business need.

List of Best Shredder for Small Business

NameRun TimeCheck Price
Bonsaii 20-Sheet Shredder20 minutes Check Price
AmazonBasics 8-Sheet Shredder3 minutes Check Price
Fellowes Powershred Shredder30 minutes Check Price
EZBASICS Shredders5 minutes Check Price
AmazonBasics 24 sheet Shredder25 minutes Check Price
Swingline Shredder16 minutes Check Price
Aurora Micro-Cut Shredder60 minutes Check Price

1. Bonsaii 20-Sheet Shredder

Best Shredder for Small Business


  • Type of cut: Cross-cut
  • Run time: 20 minutes
  • Sheet capacity: 20 sheets
  • Bin capacity: 6.6 gallons


From this shredder you can easily shred up to 20 sheets of papers which includes office documents, bank statements, billing information or other confidential documents at a single pass. This shredder also shreds credit card, staples, clips and CD/DVD.

It discards papers into small cut-cross pieces and provides you P-4 high-security level, and it has an excellent auto-start and auto-reverse function due to which this best shredder will reverse automatically if it is jammed due to too many papers.

You can continuously run it for 20 minutes and it has an advanced cooling system which prevents your shredder from overheating. When you use it for 20 minutes keep it off for 30 minutes for better use.

If we talk about its noise it has 60 DB ultra-low noise which keeps your business environment comfortable and other people work easily. It has 6.6 gallons large wastebasket which is transparent and it’s has overheating and overloading light indicators.

  • Good shredder capacity
  • P-4 high-level security
  • Large wastebasket
  • Average built quality
  • Motor need improvement

2. AmazonBasics 8-Sheet Shredder for Business and Home

Best Shredder for Small Business


  • Type of cut: Cross-cut
  • Run time: 3 minutes
  • Sheet capacity: 8 sheets
  • Bin capacity: 4.1 gallons


This best shredder for small office and home shred multi-page documents up to eight sheets at a time in cross cut particles. You can also shred credit card with this shredder but once at a time.

It works for 3 minutes continuously then it needs 30 minutes for cooling. If the shred overheats due to any reason its unit automatically shuts off to protect the motor of the shredder.

It has both manual and easy auto mode operation, in auto mode operation shredding begins when its sensor detects something to be shred. Its manual reverse feature helps you in clearing any paper jams.

It shreds the paper with level P3 standards.

It comes up with 4.1-gallon bin having see-through window from which you can easily determine the bin space and it has also overheat LED indicator. This shredder perfect for the normal use in office, small business, home and it also easily fits under the desk.

  • Cross-cut shredder
  • Automatic mode
  • Overheat LED indicator
  • Not work excellent for heavy use

3. Fellowes Shredder (Best Paper Shredder for Small Business)

Best Shredder for Small Business


  • Type of cut: Cross-cut
  • Run time: 30 minutes
  • Sheet capacity: 18 sheets
  • Bin capacity: 9 gallons


You can use this shredder for different sensitive documents, credit card, CDs/ DVDS and other different confidential materials. It shreds 18 sheets of paper per pass and cut it in cross cut type and gives you level p-4 security standard.

If we talk about its run time it works continuously for 30 minutes and then it needs 40 minutes cool-down time for next use. It has an excellent jam-proof system that eliminates paper jams and it also comes with safesense technology due to which shredding stop when your hands touch the paper opening.

It has 9 gallons pull out bin and LED indicator which informs you when the bin space is full.  If you want shredder for heavy which have low noise then this machine works excellent for you.

  • Excellent shredding
  • Staples don’t slow it down
  • Low noise
  • Wheels don’t lock
  • Average bin quality

4. EZBASICS Shredder

best shredder


  • Type of cut: Cross-cut
  • Run time: 5 minutes
  • Sheet capacity:  5 sheets
  • Bin capacity: 3.1 gallons


You can use this shredder for your small business, home use and it is easily fits under a desk. It work perfect to shred your sensitive documents like tax record bills, credit card bills, bank statements, credit card (once at a time), staples and small paper clips.

Its noise level is 58 DB which is very low and equivalent to the sound of two-person talk. Its cutting type is cross-cut and having 5 sheet capacity provides you level P4 standard security.

This shredder has exclusive cutter design so lubricant is not needed for this product which reduces the paper jams. Its transparent window design helps you to see either the bin is full or not. Its total bin capacity is 3.1 gallons which is not large but enough for a small business.

You can run it for 5 minutes continuously and its cool time is  30 minutes then you use it for next shredding. When its overheat due to heavy use this shredder automatically stops shredding.

For best use and avoid overheating never let the bin full and cool down the shredder for 30 minutes when you use it for 5 minutes. Don’t shred sealed envelopes.

  • Low noise
  • Auto start and manual reverse to clear paper jams
  • Excellent for normal use
  • Not good for heavy use
  • Low bin size

5. AmazonBasics 24-Sheet Shredder (Best Shredder for Office use)

Best Shredder for Small Business


  • Type of cut: Cross-cut
  • Run time: 25 minutes
  • Sheet capacity:  24 sheets
  • Bin capacity: 7 gallons


if you are looking for heavy usage shredder then this shredder works excellent for you. From this shreder you can easily shreds confidential business documents, credit cards bills, bank statements, mortgage statements, ATM receipts. you can also use this shredder to shred  CDs, DVDs and Blu Rays (once at a time) which cut them in to small pieces.

It has 24 sheet capacity and cut different papers, CD, DVD into cross-cut type. This shredder has easy auto mode operation which starts shredding once its sensor detects something to be shredded. It has also an auto-reverse feature which avoids paper jams.

You can run shredder for 25 minutes continuously and need 60 minutes for cooling, for the next use. If its overheat due to any reason then its unit automatically shut off to protect the motor.

Its bin capacity is 7 gallon and has different LED indicators for standby, overload and overheat mode.

  • Powerful motor
  • Run for a long time without overheating
  • Large bin
  • Reverse works like a charm
  • Emptying the bin is not easy
  • Noisy

6. Swingline Shredder

best shredder for small business


  • Type of cut: Cross-cut
  • Run time: 16 minutes
  • Sheet capacity: 19 sheets
  • Bin capacity: 9 gallons


It has another top quality cross cut shedder from which you can easily discard your sensitive business documents, credit cards, CDs/DVDs, paper clips and staples.

This Shredder comes with good jam-free shredding which prevents you from inserting too much paper into shred area. You can use it for 16 minutes continuously and it required 40 minutes for cooling down. It shreds up to 19 sheets at a time.

It has 9-gallon large bin which is enough for small business and home use. When the bin is full, indicator alerts you to empty the bin. Noise is 60 DB which is not very loud and not disturb your other colleagues.

  • Large capacity bin
  • Doesn’t jam easily
  • Powerful motor
  • Price is high
  • Heavy in size

7. Aurora Micro-Cut Shredder (Best Micro Cut Shredder for Business)

best office shredder


  • Type of cut: Micro-cut
  • Run time: 60 minutes
  • Sheet capacity: 12 sheets
  • Bin capacity: 5 gallons


if you are looking for a micro cut shredder for your office which gives you high micro cut security then this shredder is for you. it has 12 sheet capacity from which you can easily shreds your documents, credit cards, CDs, DVDs.

It shreds office documents, CDs/DVDs into small pieces of (5/32 by 15/32 inches) and gives you level p-4 security for your shreds papers. You can use this shredder for 60 minutes.

It comes up with an anti-jam auto-reverse feature which helps you in clearing paper It has a 5-gallon pullout bin and different light indicators which tell you about bin-full, overheats, standby and overload status.

  • Long run time
  • Security level P-4
  • Cleaning bucket is difficult

Final words

We have gone through many shredders and selected these top shredders for you which are not very expensive and works great for your small business. Every shredder has some positive and negative points when you want to buy shredder always focus on shredding type, run time, Sheet capacity, bin size, and noise. if you like this article Best Shredder for Small Business tell us in the comments section

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