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Best Shoes for Walking on the Beach

Are you looking for a list of best shoes for walking on the beach then don’t worry today I am sharing top 7 best water shoes which are selected after proper research and seeing different customer reviews and comments.

Walking on the sand feel good but you should also consider the protection of your feet. Water Shoes protect you from hot sand, insects found on the beach etc.

Here is the list of top 7 best shoes for walking on the beach

These shoes are available for both men and women. 

Product Name


MABOVE Water Shoes for Walking
APTRO Beach Walking Shoes
Belilent Beach Walking Shoes
SIMARI Beach and Water Shoes
Barerun Beach Walking Shoes
Mishansha Water Shoes
Aliwendy beach walking shoes


1. MABOVE Water Shoes for Walking (Best Cheap water shoes)



These shoes are available for both men and women in different colors. These best water shoes are lightweight and take small space in your suitcase. These are very flexible and comfortable it’s upper come up with high quality flexible fabric which are skin friendly, breathable and wrap your feet perfectly.

It has honeycomb thick insole which helps you in ventilation and in water flow out when you are walking in water. it has a durable rubber outsole which provides comfortability , it has a special five toes design, upgraded anti-slip sole design provide excellent slip resistance, durable sole protect your feet from stepping on stone, five-finger design and ergonomically molded fit your toes, anti-collision shoe toes will effectively protect your feet from hurting by kicking the stone on beach.

Bottom of the shoes is designed with drainage holes which help in water flow out quickly due to this feature these shoes are also best for water sports. Due to its convenient elastic lace, you can easily adjust its tightness of shoes.

You can also use these best shoes for walking on the beach for other purposes like beach swimming, hiking, and cycling etc


  • Lightweight
  • Breathable
  • Comfortable


  • Not dried a little faster

2. APTRO Beach Walking shoes

best shoes for walking on the beach


These APTRO shoes are ultra-lightweight, breathable and quick-dry stretch fabrics having elastic shoe mouth, from which you can easily put on and take off easily. These are very comfortable and soft due to which you can wear it for many hours and still you feel comfortable like barefoot.

It has thick anti-slip quality rubber and anti-skidding sole with mold pressed patterns which prevent you from slippery when you are playing any water sport, swimming or you are walking on the beach.  It has a drainage hole in the sole and insoles remove easily for quicker drying.

The wearing is quick and shoelaces are adjustable it has also compressible which helps in easy packing.

You can also use these shoes for swimming, kayaking, surfing etc. also.


  • Soft
  • Non-slip soles
  • Adjustable shoelace
  • Sole with drain holes


  • Feel awkward to walk for the first time


3. BELILENT Water Shoes

best walking shoes on the beach



If we talk about the features of this another best shoes for walking on the beach it has soft mesh upper and stretchy mid out-sole, Drainage out-sole  which helps in fast draining and quick drying. Lightweight and cross ventilation features gives you excellent flexibility and comfortability.

These shoes are also breathable which gives a cool environment to your feet. You can easily adjust the width of your water shoes quickly according to your foot. These water shoes for walking have unique designed mid-sole, deodorant anti-bacterial features which helps in ventilation, water and sweat flows out properly.

It has anti-slip thick rubber sole gives great protection from beach trash when you are walking on the beach. You can also use these water shoes for Water Park, swimming, beach volleyball, car washing, cycling etc.


  • Unique Drainage holes
  • Anti-slip
  • Quick dry
  • soft


  • Not Excellent quality

4. SIMARI Women’s and Men’s Water Shoes 

best water shoes for walking



Its upper is made of a diving material which gives excellent breath ability and drying. Its upper have smooth fabrics like socks which gives you flexibility and comfortability in wearing.

It has a unique neck designed which prevents you from chafing when you wearing these water shoes. These shoes come up with unique sole design having ergonomically molded and shock absorption performance.

Soles are made of TRP materials (TRP is plastic material commonly used for sports shoes) which protect your feet from sharp objects when you are walking on the beach or walking on the hot beach these shoes protect your feet well.

These shoes are also perfect for beach games, boating, vacation, Water Park, beach volleyball etc.


  • Quick-drying
  • Lightweight


  • Average Quality
  • Not for Heavy Use

5.BARERUN Women/Men beach walking shoes (Best walking shoes)

water shoes


These BARERUN shoes are lightweight and its upper is made of a special breathable material having salt resistance and excellent breath ability for quick drying. This BARERUN shoes gives excellent flexibility and comfortability to feet.

It gives you good bottom feet protection when you stepping on small or medium rocks when you are playing any sport on the beach or walking on the beach. Topside of the shoes is made up of soft spandex material giving you a great comfortable tight feeling overall.

The anti-slip rubber sole feature is great. The convex dots on sole improve anti-skid ability and give strong friction when you are walking on the beach. You can easily adjust your water shoes quickly according to your feet.

It has unique designed mid-sole and it is easily folded due to which you can pick in your suitcase when you are going on a trip. These walking shoes have 11 drainage holes which give you excellent drainage from the upper mesh.

You can also use these best water shoes for water aerobatics, surfing, beach sport, paddleboards, swimming etc.


  • Durable
  • Ultra-lightweight
  • None-slip shoes


  • Size

6.MISHANSHA Water Shoes 

walking water shoes


These  water shoes upper is breathable ultra-lightweight fabric which helps in fast draining and in cross-ventilation due to which your feet get flexibility and comfortability when you are walking on a beach or swimming.

If we talk about its quick-drying and drainage holes it has unique and top-quality anti slip camo rubber sole which protects your feet when you step on a sharp item or on a rock. These shoes having multiple holes on the bottom which give proper water flow out from the shoes and creates a cooler environment to your feet.

Some more feature of these shoes is it has thickened toe which protects you from hurting. It has elastic strap and lock lace which helps in wearing shoes quickly and in removing,  its EVA insole is comfortable and soft.

You can also use these shoes for kayaking, yoga, swimming, boating, beach volleyball etc.




  • Average anti-slip
  • Not much arch support

7. Aliwendy beach walking shoes

best walking shoes on the beach



Before going towards its features it is also available for both men and women. Its sole is made up of rubber and its upper is breathable having stretch breathable ultra-lightweight fabric gives best breath ability and excellent drying ability.

Now coming towards its drainage feature it has 9 holes on the shoe bottom which gives excellent water flow out and offer a cooler environment. It has a durable rubber sole with a comfortable thickening honeycomb structure insole inside which protect your feet when you are walking on the beach or playing any sport on the beach.


  • Quick-drying with drainage holes
  • Soft
  • Flexible
  • Lightweight


  •  Check size properly when you are buying

Conclusion of best shoes for walking on the beach

Thanks for reading this article I hope you find your required shoes from the list. If you find your required shoes please tell us in comments.

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