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7 Best Scanners for Medical Office in 2021

Do you want to reduce paperwork and looking for the best scanner for medical office then this guide is for you. In this article, we are sharing some best scanners that are selected after proper research and also saw the reviews given by the customers.

Having a good quality medical document scanner gives you many advantages, such as you can easily search your required document. You can quickly send documents by email, reduces the paperwork, provide better data security, and offers more free space in the office.

Finding the best scanner for office work especially for the medical offices is not an easy task because hundreds of scanners available with different specifications. But after doing many hours of research we make a list for you, focusing on quality, workload capacity, and easy to use. So you can comfortably do your work with the best quality result.

We also discuss the pros and cons in this article that helps you in picking the right scanner according to the requirements.

List of Best Scanner for Medical Office

NameSpeedADF CapacityCheck Price
Raven Document Scanner17 PPM50 sheet Check Price
Brother Scanner35 ppm/70 IPM50 page Check Price
HP ScanJet Pro 300035 ppm/70 IPM50 page Check Price
Fujitsu ScanSnap Scanner30 ppm50 page Check Price
Epson WorkForce ES-40035 ppm/70 IPM50 page Check Price
Canon R40 Office Scanner40 ppm60 page Check Price
Epson Portable Scanner25 ppm/50 IPM20 page Check Price

1. Raven Document Scanner (best Scanner for Medical Records)


best scanner for medical office


On number 1 spot we have a Raven document scanner that offers excellent scanning results. This scanner comes with some great specifications due to which you can comfortably do your scanning work in the office. It comes with a duplex scanning feature and having a 50 sheet ADF (automatic document feeder). Scanning speed is up to 17 pages per minute which is not very high but decent enough for a medical office. The quality of scan documents is awesome and also supports different resolutions from 200 to 600 DPI.

It has a large 7-inch touchscreen display, so you can easily manage your scanning work including send files to different destinations or doing editing tasks. This raven document scanner has Ethernet and WIFI connectivity options and you can also send your documents to your cloud destination such as google drive, share point, dropbox, and to the email.

It comes with optical character recognition which turns the documents into searchable PDF files, due to which you can easily find your required documents. Other amazing features are, skewed pages are automatically straightened, remove the blank pages, and having an auto-crop function for nonstandard sizes documents.

This scanner has a built-in document edition tool, so you give the proper name to the document before sending it and also allows rotation features. Daily scanning capacity is up to 1500 sheets and scanning modes available are color, grayscale, Monochrome (black/white).

Overall this is one of the best scanner for medical records, perfect for documents, receipts, business, and ID cards. Scanning speed is not very excellent but gives you excellent scanning quality and also comes with a large touchscreen display.

  • Excellent scanning result
  • Support different resolution
  • ADF is good quality
  • Plenty of documents adjustment specifications
  • Large display
  • Cloud integration
  • Scanning speed is not very high
  • Average Touchscreen

2. Brother High-Speed Document Scanner


best scanner for medical office



If you are looking for a scanner that gives you the best quality result and fast speed then this is one of them. Now coming towards the complete detail of this brother scanner it efficiently scans the single and double-sided documents in a single pass. Its speed is up to 35 PPM (pages per minute)/70 IPM (images per minute) in both color and black/white.

This office scanner has 50 pages of auto document feeder capacity and comes with auto-size document detection. It handles documents up to 196 inches long, also work great even you are scanning identification card, photographs, and business card. The interface is easy to use and it is compatible with Windows, Linux, and MAC operating systems.

You can easily connect it to your laptop, PC via USB interface and on this scanner, you will get some advanced scanning specifications like blank page removal, background removal, image rotation, and multi-feed detection. So you can comfortably scan your documents with the best image result.

It has multiple scan destination options which include email, USB, file, and android tablets, phone (cable required). Overall this is one of the best scanner for medical office which gives you double-sided excellent scanning results at 300 DPI and having a decent capacity auto document feeder.

  • Duplex scanning
  • Good speed
  • Decent scanning quality
  • Plenty of advance scanning features
  • TWAIN driver
  • Limited connectivity

3. HP ScanJet Pro (Best Physicians Office Scanner)


best scanner for office


This HP scanner is another best scanner for the healthcare sector on which you can comfortably scan patient forms, medical records, insurance cards, and many more. Scan quality is excellent because the maximum resolution supported by this scanner is 600 DPI which is more than enough for scanning different types of documents.

It offers the 2 sided scanning at the same time and comes with 50 pages automatic document feeder.  In terms of speed performance, this HP scanner has a fast scanning speed of up to 35 pages per minute or 70 images per minute. Ports include with this scanner are USB 3.0, 2.0, and support paper sizes from 2 X 2.9 to 8.5 x 122 inches.

Due to its IRIS READIRIS pro-OCR, convert the scan into editable documents and also compatible with MS Office, Adobe PDF reader, and with other file types. The design is awesome and it is also easy to use due to a one-touch scanning button. This physician’s office scanner comes with an error led light indicator, so if any error occurs it gives you the warning message.

Some other best specifications are, you can share your scans directly to emails and to different cloud accounts, auto-off technology, delete blank pages, and having a minimized MISFEEDS feature. Its auto crop, auto-adjust contrast, and brightness options provide the enhanced and optimize scanning result.

Item weight is 7.50 LBS and compatible with the window and mac operating system. If you are looking for a high-resolution DPI and easy to use scanner for medical and physicians office which has excellent scanning speed then you have to look at this scanner.

  • Good scanning speed
  • High DPI
  • USB 3.0 port
  • Automatic document feeder
  • Connect with cloud services
  • Extra charges for wireless connectivity (wireless feature is optional)
  • Expansive

4. Fujitsu Document Scanner for Medical Office

office scanner


This double-sided scanner is perfect for scanning different sizes of office documents, business cards, photos, and receipts. It has easy to use large 4.3 inches touch screen display, so you can clearly view the screen and easily do your scanning work like sharing documents to a folder, dropbox, google drive, and to other destinations.

It comes with 50 pages of Automatic documents feeder and offers a scanning speed up to 30 PPM with excellent resolution up to 600 DPI. You can connect this FUJITSU document scanner via USB cable or from Wi-Fi, so you can easily scan your documents to your different devices like desktop, tablet, and many more.

Due to its Scan Snap home software, you can keep your documents in an organized way and its OCR feature allows you to easily find the required documents by doing simple relevant keyword research. It also comes with automatic image cleanup technology, which performs a quick quality check on your documents for better scanning results like automatically optimizing contrast, rotating documents upside-down, cropping the image, and removing blank pages.

Its menu is user-friendly and has an auto-scan mode in which scan snap decides the best possible setting for you. On this scanner, you can also create different user profiles and save the information to a specific user destination or folder.

The dimension of this product (W X D X H) is 11.5 X 6.3 X 6.0 inches and the weight is 7.5 LBS.

  • ScanSnap Home software
  • Large display
  • Easy to use
  • High resolution
  • Good quality scanning
  • Optical character recognition feature
  • No option to delete profiles from a scanner (done at the PC)
  • Software is not excellent
  • This product does not support TWAIN

5. Epson ES-400 Color Duplex Document Scanner 

best scanner for medical office


If you do a lot of scanning in your office then this is another one of the best scanner for medical office. Coming towards its specification, it is a duplex scanner that captures both sides in one pass and it is also easy to use. This EPSON scanner comes with 50 pages auto document feeder and having a scanning speed up to 35 papers per minute (PPM) or 70 IPM. Resolution is 600 DPI and it also gives the best quality result even you are scanning ID cards, Business receipts, etc.

Another one of the best feature of this scanner is, it equipped with a TWAIN driver due to which it is compatible with different document management software. You can also share your documents to emails or send them to different cloud services such as google drive, dropbox, Microsoft share point.

Its built-in optical character recognition works great so you can easily create searchable PDFs and editable excel and word files. The software of this scanner is awesome and having intelligent color and image adjustment technology which gives you auto crop, background, and blank page removal, etc features.

The paper feeding system is reliable and compatible with MAC and windows operating system. Product weight is only 8.1 LBS and the dimension is 6.6 X 11.6 X 6.9 inches.

  • Scanning result is good
  • TWAIN driver works great
  • Dynamic Skew Correction
  • Easy to use
  • Decent scanning speed
  • Some user face connectivity issue
  • Not wireless
  • Average design

6. Canon Document Scanner for Office Work

best scanner for medical office


In our list of best medical office scanners this canon scanner is anther perfect option for you, it is very easily connect to your laptop or PC with a simple USB cable. It works great either you are scanning long documents thick or thin documents, receipts, photos, medical reports, and many more.

Scanning speed is up to 40 pages per minute having a 60 sheet automatic feeder, enough for office work. On this scanner, you can also scan both sides of documents at the same time and its scanning quality is also decent.

This scanner includes a TWAIN driver and compatible with the window and mac operating system. It has OCR specification which helps you in creating editable and searchable information. Another great feature of this scanner is, it automatically adjusts the resolution for better scanning.

Some other features are it comes with scan directly to the cloud option, Canon CAPTUREONTOUCH scanning software, READIRIS pdf, OCR software and having CARDIRIS business card software. So if you are looking for a scanner that has good quality scanning, speed, and having large capacity ADF and duplex feature then this is one of the best scanner for office work.

  • Duplex
  • Large ADF
  • One-touch operation
  • Easy to setup
  • OCR works well
  • Average auto-rotate feature
  • Slow in high resolution

7. Epson Portable Document Scanner

best scanner for medical office


If you are looking for a portable scanner for your medical office then this is one of the best portable scanner for office work. In terms of performance, scanning speed is up 25 pages per minute or 50 IPM and comes with a 20-page auto document feeder.

You can power this portable scanner with an AC adaptor and with a USB cable. It scans 2 sided documents and also perfect for scanning plastic ID cards, receipts, etc. This scanner supports maximum resolution up to 600 DPI and comes with a text enhancement feature that gives you decent scanning results.

Due to TWAIN driver, work best with different document management software and comes with built-in optical character recognition and has a feature of direct sharing to email or different cloud sharing accounts. This scanner has Epson image processing technology which offers different image adjustment features like auto crop, skew correction and also provides the intelligent color mechanism.

  • Portable
  • Image Processing Technology
  • TWAIN driver
  • Good scanning result
  • Some user face jamming issue with thick documents

Conclusion of Best Scanner for Medical Office

Thanks for reading this article, in the above list every scanner has some decent specifications on which you can comfortably do your scanning work in your medical office. Every scanner has pros and cons, some are best for photo scanning and some give you the best result in documents scanning or in business, ID card scanning. In this medical document scanners guide, we discuss the complete detail of each scanner so you can easily know which scanner is best for my office work. Before buying any scanner always check that, this product fulfills my requirements or not and also check customer reviews and ratings.

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