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Best Portable Air Conditioner for Living Room

Are you want to buy a portable air conditioner for your room but confused about which one is best, then don’t worry in this article we are sharing the list of best portable air conditioner for the living room.

A Portable AC is the best alternative if you don’t like a fixed heavy size air conditioner or you can’t install it due to building restriction or because of design limitation.

A portable air conditioner is not so expansive and provides you a good cooling environment, you can easily move it from one place to another and they are easy to install. You can also use it on different small gathering occasions.

Find the best portable Air conditioner for the living room is not an easy task it takes a lot of time and effort but doesn’t worry we make your work easy and selected some top portable air conditioners for you, which are selected after proper research and seeing different customers reviews and rating.

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List of Best Portable AC 

NameCooling AreaCheck Price
BLACK+DECKER Portable Air Conditioner100-150 square feet(SF) Check Price
SereneLife Portable AC500 SF Check Price
Vremi Portable Air Conditioner350-500 SF Check Price
MIDEA Portable AC100 SF Check Price
Whynter Dual Hose Portable AC500 SF Check Price
HomeLabs Portable Air Conditioner450-600 SF Check Price
DELLA 8000 BTU Portable Air Conditioner300-350 SF Check Price

1. BLACK+DECKER Portable Air Conditioner

best portable air conditioner for living room


This is one of the best Portable AC for you which keeps your living room, apartment cool, and provides you the best cool environment, this AC works great in 100 to 150 square feet. It is easy to use and works best in double-hung or sliding windows. Due to its vertical motion, the airflow mechanism is excellent which provides you the consistent temperature in your living room.

It also has fan and dehumidification modes and its noise level is not so high, so you can comfortably sleep and you cannot disturb by its noise. Due to its slide-out filter feature, you can easily clean and reused its filter.

Other important features are it has 24 hours on/off timer and also comes with sleep mode, it has 4 directional large fronts vented airflow outlet, and the size of its exhaust hose is 4 feet and 11 inches.

This Portable AC has a digital LED display so you can clearly see your setting and due to its good quality remote control you can also change the settings from anywhere in the room. It has a side carry handle and 4 caster wheels so you can easily maneuver it from one room to another.

  • Washable filter
  • Easy to use
  • Provide you excellent cooling
  • Easy to move
  • Little bit noisy
  • Not best for crank windows

2. SereneLife Portable AC (Best Portable Air Conditioner for Large Rooms)

best portable air conditioner for living room



This portable AC has 12000 BTU cooling power which is enough to keep your room cool. It comes with three different operating modes which are cooling, fan, and dehumidifier modes which you can select according to your need. Due to its automatic swing mode and moving wind vent, it provides you great comfort and also maximizes the air circulation.

If you are looking for AC which has built-in dehumidifier mode then this is one of the best portable air conditioner with a dehumidifier. It provides you great cooling and also reduces humidity level by selecting dehumidifier mode.

The maximum noise level is 56 DB and due to its excellent quality exhaust hose, it pulls warm air from your room and gives you the best cooling environment. Its remote control comes with some great option which includes power on/off, mode change, fan speed, temperature setting, timer option, and many more.

Coming towards its portability it is lightweight and has rolling wheels so you can easily move it to other rooms. It has the capability to cools an area that is approximately 500 square feet. If you are looking for the best AC which is portable and provide you great cooling this is one of the best AC for you.

  • Easy setup
  • Built-in dehumidifier
  • Fan setting works well
  • Cool quickly
  • Some user face noise issue

3. Vremi Portable Air Conditioner


best portable AC


This is another best portable AC which has 12000 BTU cooling capacity and gives you the best cooling result in 350 to 500 square area. It has a top air outlet with a horizontal window opening and having automatic vertical swing function which provides you fast cooling and excellent air distribution.

This AC has 4 different modes of sleep, dry, cool, and fan which you select according to your need, and also has 3 fan speed settings. Due to its 24 hours programmable timer, its unit turns on and off automatically and helps you in saving energy. It has a large digital display from which you can clearly see your setting and from its compact remote control, you can set different settings from anywhere in a room.

Due to its adjustable timer, it cools a room between 18°C-32°C and it also comes with a dehumidifier which reduces the humidity level. Noise level is 51 DB so you can peacefully do your work or sleep at night. This AC has a dual layer washable air filter which protects you from dust and also provides durability to your air conditioner.

It is easy to install simply place your AC where you want, attach the hose and window slide adaptor and start the unit. The size of its hose is 5.6 ft.

  • Quiet
  • 4 different modes
  • Easy to install
  • Good cooling capacity
  • Display light not completely off (only dim)
  • No wheel lock

4. MIDEA Portable AC for Room

best portable ac for home


If you are looking for AC for your small room then this work great for you. It comes with 8000 BTU cooling power and cools room up to 100 square feet. This AC also comes with dehumidification function. If you have small room, apartment it works perfect for you.

Due to its sleep mode, it automatically adjusts the temperature and provides you comfort cooling so you can comfortably do your work in-room or sleep at night. It also saves energy because it comes with an ECO timer feature which automatically shuts off the unit after the required cooling range.

If you are confused about when to replace or clean the filter for better air then don’t worry this AC has a filter alter function so you can easily know when to replace or wash the filter. It comes with three fan speed settings and has 5 operational modes like cooling, fan, dehumidification, etc. You can clearly read its setting information from its easy to read digital LED.

Its wheels come with great quality so you can move it comfortably from one place to another with minimum effort. This portable air conditioner includes a remote control, adjustable window bracket, and all other important accessories and it works best with both sliding and with hung windows.

  • Cool room super-fast
  • Low Noise
  • Good design
  • Move easily
  • Swing feature needs improvement
  • Not for very large room

5. Whynter Dual Hose Portable Air Conditioner  (Best Portable AC for Big Room)

best portable air conditioner for living room


If you don’t have budget problem and looking for a best portable ac for big room this is one of them. It comes with three operational modes cooling, dehumidifier and with fan mode and give you best cooling result up to 500 square feet area.

This dual hose portable air conditioner has advanced drain technology which provides you fast cooling. It comes with a 24-hour programmable timer feature which you can set according to your need.  Noise is less than 56 DB which is not very high so you can comfortably sleep.

Coming towards the other features of this best portable AC,  it comes with an activated carbon air filter, a washable filter that improves air quality, a window kit, and an extendable exhaust hose and intake hose. So this is one of the best portable air conditioner which you can use it in your large room and also in the office, guest rooms, etc.

  • Dual hose
  • Easily move on a different surface
  • Fast Cooling
  • Good filter
  • Little bit loud
  • Average dehumidifier

6. HomeLabs Portable Air Conditioner for Room 

best portable air conditioner for living room


This portable air conditioner provide you best cooling in 450 to 600 square feet room and work excellent with double hung window up to 48 inches wide. Another best feature of this AC is it has automatic vertical swing function which provide evenly airflow in room.

It comes with auto, dry, cool, and with fan mode and having auto-restart option so if the unit shut down unexpectedly due to a power outage it starts automatically when the power resumes. It also comes with timer operation and with sleep/ECO operation.

A clean filter is very important for AC because it keeps the air clean and  AC runs efficiently if you don’t know when to clean the filter don’t worry it has a filter indicator light that reminds you when to clean the filter. It is easy to install, simply attach the hose and the window slide adapter. Size is 17.9 x 15 x 30.7 inches and having great wheels so you can easily move to other places.

From its remote control, you can quickly set your required fan speed, cooling mode, temperature, and also activate the eco-friendly feature.

  • Dehumidifier mode
  • Excellent cooling capability
  • Good wheels
  • Quiet
  • Heavy in size
  • Vent hose is not long enough

7. DELLA Portable Air Conditioner

best portable air conditioner for living room


This is another best portable air conditioner for living room under 300 dollars it provide you cooling up to 300 to 350 square feet and its cooling power is 8000 BTU. You can also use this portable AC in your small office, garage, apartment and many other small indoor areas.

It also comes with a dehumidifier option and having a 2-speed cooling fan feature. The remote control panel is user-friendly having mode selection, fan speed adjustment selection, temperature adjustment, etc.

Some other features are it has a timer option, automatic self-evaporation technology, 2-way air direction, and good quality wheels so you can easily move from one room to another room.  it is also energy-efficient and the maximum noise level is only 56 DB and available in white color.

  • Provide you good cooling
  • Easy to use
  • Inexpensive
  • Not for very large room
  • Quality of exhaust hose is average


In this article, we shared some best portable air conditioner for the living room, in which some provide the best cooling in a large room and some are best for a small room now it’s up to you, which one is best for you and what is your requirement. We hope you like our article and if you need any more information please tell us in the comment section.

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