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Best Ping Pong Tables for Small Spaces

Want to buy a ping pong table and confused about which one is best for small spaces then you are in right place. In this article, we are sharing a list of best ping pong table for small spaces which are selected after proper research and seeing different customer’s reviews.

Playing ping pong or table tennis game gives you great health benefits like improving hand-eye coordination, improve reflexes, burn calories, keep your brain sharp, and many more.

Finding a small ping pong table is not an easy task because a lot of choices available in the market having different prices and specifications. It also takes a lot of time and effort. But don’t worry we have gone through more than 20 table tennis and selected some small table tennis for you.

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1. JOOLA Ping Pong Table

best ping pong table for small spaces


This is one of the best ping pong table and perfect for playing in your office, home, or in a recreation center. It comes with two halves design so you can completely separate half table and used it individually, which is one of the best feature if you want to play alone.

Its built quality is great and you can use it for a longer period of time. This table has 5/8 inches dark blue tabletop which comes with silk-screened white stripping which makes this ping pong table durable and provides you excellent playing surface.

Each half of the table has a sturdy undercarriage which is foldable and helps you in compact storage. you can also comfortably nests each half into one another. It comes with a 72-inch net set having a convenient clamp system so you can easily and quickly attach and remove it from this ping pong table.

You can easily move this table from one place to another due to its 3-inch castor wheels. Another advantage of this table is you can move the table as a whole and it’s every half separately because it’s each half comes with four-wheels. Its castor wheels have a locking feature which provides you great stability on different floors.

This compact folding ping pong table has a good quality safety latch system which prevents your table tennis from unexpectedly unfolding. Due to its rubber leg levelers, it prevents your floor from scratches and it has black powder-coated steel legs.

2. STIGA Indoor Table Tennis Table

best table tennis


This best indoor ping pong table has good quality design and it comes with a 72-inch net having a clamp post system so you can easily assemble and removed the net. Its safety latch system locks the tabletop into an upright position so your table won’t open unexpectedly and prevent you from accidental injuries.

It comes with ½ inch dark blue tabletop having a steel tube style apron which provides you even bounce across the table. Each half of the table has caster beams so you can completely separate the table and use it in the playback position. Due to its independent table halves, this table allows the easy nesting and gives you a compact storage position.

This ping pong table comes with 1-inch steel legs having adjustable leg levelers which provide you excellent stability if the floor is uneven. You can also smoothly roll over this table because it comes with 2 inches eight wheels having a locking feature.

3. Franklin Mid-Size Table Tennis Table

best ping pong table for small spaces


If you have a limited budget and looking for a ping pong table under 200 dollars then this is one of the best small ping pong table for you. This table is perfect for those who have small spaces in their home, office or in a recreation area.

It is easy to assemble and you can comfortably fold and unfold its each half. Coming towards its size this table tennis has 72 inch X 36 inch X 30-inch in size (L x W x H). Due to its good quality built-in handles, you can easily move it where you want and play the game.

This table comes with good quality thick 9mm HDF playing surface which provides you a good gaming experience and also provides you great stability due to its strong metal legs and frame. Its Adjustable leg levelers are great and this table also comes with a ball and paddle holder. So if you are looking for a small folding ping pong table then this is one of them.

4. GoSports Portable Table Tennis

best ping pong table for small spaces


This is another best ping pong table for small spaces which you can easily set up in your small house, apartment etc. Size is 6’ X 3’ and it comes with carrying handles and also having folding feature so you can easily carry from one place to another.

Coming towards its built quality this folding ping pong table has a heavy-duty aluminum frame which provides you great stability on different surfaces. The playing surface is also smooth which gives you a good gaming experience and perfect bounce.

This table includes 2 paddles, a game net, 4 balls, and its size is 36 X 36 inches when you fold this table tennis.

5. Goplus Foldable Ping Pong Table

ping pong table


This table comes with some great features and best for those who are looking for mid-size table tennis. It is foldable and work perfect for small living areas and also take little storage space. This table has two independent halves and having a good quality net and post set. Due to its clamp style attachment, you can easily assemble and remove the net in a few seconds.

It has ½ thick MDF deep blue surface and its white demarcation line makes its look more beautiful. Construction is also great because it has a durable powder-coated steel frame and good quality reinforced legs which provide you great stability while you are playing a game.

Due to its rubber leg levelers, it protects your floor from scratches and provides you custom height adjustment. It also comes with a corner guard design and prevents you from different injuries caused by collisions.

6. ZENY Foldable Table Tennis Table

table tennis


If you are looking for a small portable ping pong table on which you can play a game in your small home, garage, office then this table is one of them. It comes with excellent high elastic density board whose thickness is up to 0.43 inches and provides you great bounce on the whole playing area.

Due to its good quality board, it provides you good gaming experience and you can comfortably play a game for a longer period of time. It has also two independent separate halves and comes with a good folding mechanism. So you can easily fold it and also store under your bed, sofa and stand against the wall.

It has a thick 0.43-inch tabletop and it comes with strong legs and a metal frame that provide you great durability. This table has 4 anti-collision corners which protect you from different collision, injuries, and scratches. The overall size of this table is 71.6 x 35.8 x 30 inch and its single folding table size is 35.8 x 35.8 x1.3 inch. So if you have limited space and want to play ping pong game then this is one of the best table tennis for beginner and intermediate players.

7. MD Sports Ping Pong Table with Netbest ping pong table for small spaces


If you don’t have a budget problem and looking for the best quality table tennis then this is one of the best ping pong table. This table is foldable and its folding mechanism is great, so you can quickly and easily fold this table and not take too much space.

It has a 15mm tabletop which provides you excellent ball bounce on the table and it has a good quality apron around the table. Coming towards its construction this table comes with reinforced construction and with good quality steel leg frame, which provides you great stability.

This best professional ping pong table also provides you some great safety features like lockable wheels, protective corner caps and also comes with strip buckle so due to these specifications this table protect you from different injury when you are playing or moving the table.

It includes two paddles, a post set, two balls, and a net and its size is 108” L x 60” W x 30” H.


Finally, this article is over and we hope you find your required ping pong table for your small area. We do our best to provide you some best ping pong table for you on which you can comfortably play your game. When you are buying a ping pong table always focus on its built quality, budget, how much space do you have for it, and do you want a foldable table or not.

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