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Top 9 Best Monitors for Reading Documents

You spent a lot of time in front of a monitor for reading purposes and looking for the best monitor for reading documents then you are at the right place. In this article, we review the best monitors for reading with pros and cons so you can quickly know which monitor is best for my documents reading work.

Having a good quality monitor gives you some great advantages like it reduces eye fatigue and strain, so you can more easily and comfortably do your documents reading work for a longer period of time. When you want to buy a monitor go for that monitor which also provides you accurate colors and full HD screen resolution with a great aspect ratio so you can clearly see large documents, spreadsheets, etc.

Finding the best reading monitor is not an easy task it takes a lot of time and effort because nowadays hundred of monitors available in the market with different specifications. But don’t worry we make your work easy and shared a list of best monitors for reading documents that are selected after proper research and seeing different customer reviews and ratings.

Here is the List of Best Monitors for Reading Documents

NameScreen Size      Check Price
ASUS Curve Eye Care Monitor38 inches

ViewSonic IPS Monitor 32 inches

LG UltraWide Monitor

29 inches

Acer R240HY24 inches
Asus VZ239H-W23 inches
Philips 4K Monitor27 inches
Samsung 4k Monitor28 inches
ASUS Designo MZ279HL27 inches
HP VH240a IPS LED Monitor 24 inches

1. ASUS Designo Monitor (Best Monitor for Reading Documents)

best curved monitor for reading


If you don’t have a budget problem then this is one of the best monitor for reading documents. It comes with flicker free and Asus eye care technology which provide you best viewing experience and minimize eye fatigue and strain in your extended working sessions, so on this reading monitor you can more comfortably read documents and PDF for a longer period of time.

This curved monitor has a 37.5-inch ultra-wide display size and the aspect ratio is 21:9. The maximum screen resolution of this best monitor for reading is 3840 X 1600 pixels which provides you 21% more on-screen space, which is a great option for those who mostly read large pdf documents or large excel sheets.

Coming towards its design it has a frameless design, transparent sundial base pair, and comes with a 178-degree viewing angle. This monitor has a 15W built-in QI wireless charger so you can automatically charge QI compatible devices if they are placed on the base.

If we talk about its port it has all important ports like USB 3.0, HDMI, USB TYPE-C, and display port. If you are looking for a built-in speaker monitor then it has a good quality speaker.

Final Thoughts

So overall this is one of the best monitor for text reading which provides you stunning display results, high image details. It has IPS technology so when you view the documents from different angles still you get the same image result. The design is excellent provide you immersive viewing experience and having excellent eye care technology.

  • Excellent display
  • Good brightness
  • Provide accurate colors
  • Good Design
  • No horizontal tilt adjustment
  • Cable management is complicated

2. ViewSonic IPS Monitorbest monitors for reading documents


This monitor has 32 inches full HD screen size, maximum screen resolution is 1920 X 1080 pixels and having a super clear IPS technology, offers the best screen performance and 178 degree viewing angle. So no matter from which angle you are viewing the screen you will get the accurate colors and also perfect for sharing the screen with your colleges.

It has flicker-free technology and a blue light filter which prevents your eyes from strain and fatigue when you are sitting for a longer period of time in front of a monitor. This best monitor for text reading comes with a frameless design having a thin panel, a stand is excellent and it has a frameless edge to edge screen which delivers the maximum viewing space. Due to its modern sleek design, this monitor also looks great.

If we talk about its super clear IPS panel it gives you accurate and vivid colors with consistent levels of brightness.  This monitor delivers the same image quality whether you are looking from the front or from the side angle.

This view sonic monitor has a unique view mode feature that offers TEXT, WEB, MOVIE, GAME, and MONO presets, provide you an enhanced viewing experience according to the screen applications. Its views split software gives you a split-screen option, perfect for doing multitasking work. For this feature simply choose pre-defined templates or make your own customized layout,  your screen will divide into multiple viewing windows.

This monitor supports laptops, PCs and in terms of connectivity ports include are HDMI, DisplayPort, and VGA. The stand is not ergonomic only allow tilt adjustment, no pivot, swivel, and height adjustment is available.

Final Thoughts

If you are looking for the best computer monitor for text reading then you have to look at this VIEWSONIC monitor, color accuracy is excellent and having 178 degrees wide viewing angle. Display quality is one of the best in this list but the stand has limited adjustments.

  • Excellent display
  • SuperClear IPS panel technology
  • Dual Integrated Speakers
  • Blue Light Filter
  • Some user notice backlight bleed

3. LG 29WN600-W (Best Monitor for Reading Text)best monitor for text reading


If you are looking for an ultra-wide monitor for your reading purposes which provides you excellent comfortability in reading large excel spreadsheets, or any other office related documents then you have to look at this LG monitor. This monitor comes with excellent specifications, the Screen size is 29 inches, aspect ratio is 21:9, and having a full HD 2560 X 1080 pixels screen resolution provides you the best viewing result and immersive viewing experience.

Due to its IPS technology color accuracy is also amazing and offers a 178 degree wide viewing angle so you can easily read your documents from different angles with the same image result and also one of the best monitor for writing. Other best features of this monitor are, it comes with a 99% SRGB color gamut and with HDR10 features delivers a great display result and enhanced color for HDR content. Due to these features, also perfect for editing and designing work.

Design is great having slim bezels, minimize the bezel distraction, and offer the maximum viewing space. The stand is ergonomic allows the tilt and height adjustment which you can comfortably adjust according to your requirement for a better viewing experience and it also comes with built-in speakers.

It has all important ports and comes with AMD FREEYNC technology reduces the screen tearing and stuttering, refresh rate is up to 75 HZ and response time is 5ms, also perfect for casual gaming and you can easily do your monitor setting due to ONSCREEN control.

Final Thoughts

So overall this is one of the best monitor for text clarity on which you can comfortably read different documents, pdf books, and also best for doing multitasking work. 

  • Best for reading purpose and doing multitasking work
  • IPS technology
  • Large display with excellent accurate colors
  • Narrow borders
  • Great value for the price
  • The stand is not very excellent
  • Average speakers

4. Acer R240HY ( Best Monitor for Reading Documents)


best monitors for reading documents


if you have limited budget and looking for a best monitor for reading documents under 150$ then this Acer monitor is one of them. it has some decent specficaitions and offers a good display result so you can comfortably sit in extended working has 23.8 inches full HD IPS widescreen display and 1920 X 1080 screen resolution that provides stunning dispaly and vivid colors. Its IPS technology provides premium color performance even when you look at the screen from skwed angles.

This Acer monitor has Flicker-less technology which helps in annoying screen flickering and its blue light filter reduces eye strain and offers excellent eye comfort. It has no height, pivot adjustment only tilt adjustment is available which you can easily adjust according to your need for a better viewing angle, tilt range is from -5 to 15 degree but it is not VESA mount compatible.

It’s zero frame design gives a good visual experience without boundaries and ideal for adding two or more monitors side by side. Some other features are it has 4ms response time, 60hz refresh rate, 178-degree wide view angle, 0.2745mm pixel pitch. It supports HDMI, DVI, and VGA inputs and it is available in black color.

Final Thoughts

So if you have a limited budget and looking for the best Monitor for reading documents then we recommend this monitor for you because it has IPS technology and brightness is also decent. The stand has limited adjustment but due to its narrow borders also perfect for a dual-monitor setup.

  • Clear and vivid screen
  • IPS display
  • Zero Frame Design
  • Does not support HDCP 2. 2
  • Monitor base seems little weak

5. Asus VZ239H-W Monitor for Text Reading 

best monitors for reading documents


This ASUS monitor has 23 inches screen dispaly having 1920 X 1080 screen resolution which gives you excellent screen result when you are reading text on the monitor. It has a 178-degree wide view angle, and this LED monitor display covers the entire sRGB color space so it produces accurate colors.

It uses IPS technology and it has built-in stereo 1.5W speakers, provide you good sound quality so you don’t need to buy extra speakers. Its high-performance IPS panel gives you an astonishing 80,000,000:1 contrast ratio.

Due to his eye care technology and flicker-free features, it reduces flicker and gives great comfortability when you are reading documents, pdf books. This feature also minimizes eyestrain when you spend a lot of time in your documents reading activities.

Now coming towards the design of this good monitor for reading text, it has a very beautiful ultra-slim design having a white and silver body and comes with a frameless design. Its frameless design makes it perfect for seamless multi-display setups.

Final Thoughts

overall this monitor is a perfect choice for you if you are looking for a budget computer monitor. Panel type is IPS and its eye care technology is excellent having a low blue light filter. It is VESA mount compatible and the aspect ratio is 16:9. 

  • Eye Care technology
  • Excellent display
  • Low price
  • Average speakers
  • Not excellent for sunny room

6. Philips 4K Monitor (Best 4k Monitor for Reading Text)

best 4K monitor for reading


This is another best computer monitor for text clarity it gives you excellent screen display because it comes with 27 inches Ultra Clear 4k UHD (3840 X 2160) screen resolution. It works great for all profession like people who works on large spreadsheets in the office, 3d graphic designing, article writing and text editing etc.

This 4k monitor for reading documents also comes up with flicker-free technology, that prevents your eyes from fatigue and strains when you are sitting for a long time for reading different large documents. Now coming towards its IPS technology this monitor uses an advanced IPS technology which gives you extra-wide viewing angles of 178 degrees. So you can easily view your text from almost any angle with the same color accuracy.

Its 10-bit color depth display gives rich, vivid colors having 1.074 billion colors and 12-bit internal processing for re-creating smooth, natural colors without gradations and color banding. Its border is ultra-narrow which gives maximum viewing size and best for a multi-display setup. When you combine two monitors, due to its narrow border you can feel using one large display.

This monitor for reading documents comes up with Multiview technology. This feature enables active dual connect and view due to which you can work with multiple devices on a single screen, perfect for multitasking work.

Final Thoughts

if you are looking for the best 27 inch monitor for reading text then go for that monitor. it has excellent display results and also comes with some other advanced features.

  • 4K resolution
  • slim design
  • excellent display
  • No height or horizontal way of adjustment
  • No Speaker

7. Samsung 28-Inch Monitor (Best Monitor for Text Clarity)

best monitor for reading


This monitor comes with eye saver mode, gives you the best viewing experience and comfortiblity by reducing blue light emission and flickers so you can easily read documents, edit photos, play video games for longer periods of time without worrying about eye strain or fatigue.

It has a stunning 4K UHD 28-inch screen display and 3840 X 2160 screen resolution that provides you excellent screen clarity. Its resolution is 4 times higher than other Full HD monitors, Due to these specifications this monitor offers the best viewing for reading a text and also gives an excellent gaming experience. This ultra-high definition (UHD) monitor delivers stunning images that use a staggering 8 million pixels for unparalleled realism.

If we talk about its colors experience this monitor provides 64 times more color than other conventional monitors. You can experience more than 1 billion colors on this monitor which means reading documents, games and other multimedia contents appear with high detailed and in a natural look.

The design is excellent it comes up with a stunning matte black body and framed by a narrow bezel with a metallic rim and metallic stand. It is specially designed so that you can easily keep the focus on your content.

This best monitor for reading documents has PIP 2.0 (picture in picture) technology. So you can split your monitor screen without losing original quality. You can also adjust screen size according to your needs. Due to this technology, you can watch your favorite video while reading notes at the same time

Other best features are it has AMD FREESYNC and 1ms response time. It comes with two HDMI ports and with one display port on the back. This monitor also supports HDMI 2.0 for UHD resolution at 60 Hz refresh rate so 4k content plays very smoothly.

Final Thoughts

overall this is one of the best monitors for reading pdf books, writing and due to its excellent gaming specifications, you can also play different modern gamers smoothly.

  • Excellent resolution
  • Clear display
  • Best for multitasking
  • Average stand
  • TN monitor
  • No speaker

8. ASUS 27 inch Designo Monitorbest monitors for reading documents


This best monitor for reading documents comes with stunning eye care technology which gives you excellent comfortability when you are reading different documents on the monitor.

This monitor is specially designed to minimize eyestrain, eye fatigue, and headaches when you are spending many hours in front of monitors for your work. It has exclusive ASUS ultra-low blue light technology which protects you from harmful blue light.

This monitor has four blue light filter settings which you can easily access from the display menu via the hotkey. This ASUS monitor has 27 inches full HD screen, 1920 X 1080 screen resolution, and supports dual HDMI and VGA inputs to provide compatibility with laptop, office and gaming pc, digital cameras, etc.

It has a stunning 178-degree wide-view IPS technology which gives you excellent visual from different has built-in two 3W stereo speakers that produce good sound with clarity and deep rich bass. Now coming towards its design it has an ultra-slim frameless design, ergonomic adjustability with height adjustment (0 -100mm) of tilt and swivel.

Final Thoughts

This display for reading has accurate colors, comes with one of the best eye care technology and display quality is stunning offers vibrant and vivid colors. The stand is ergonomic and refresh rate is 60 Hz.

  • •Fully adjustable
  • •Excellent Screen display
  • •Best for reading
  • •Good speakers
  • • Average control panel

9. HP VH240a IPS LED Monitor (Best Monitor for Reading and writing)best monitors for reading documents


This is another best monitor for documents on which you can comfortably read documents with different viewing angles. The best feature of this monitor is its ergonomic viewing angles, on this monitor you can read documents in both landscape and in portrait modes which you can select according to your requirement.

You can adjust and tilt position from -5° to 30° and it also comes with height adjustments. Due to its 178° viewing angle, you can clearly view the text from different sides. Now coming towards its display it has a 23.8 inch full HD IPS LED screen having 1920 X 1080 pixels screen resolution. The aspect ratio of this best computer monitor for reading documents is 16:9.

The design is also great and comes with a 3-sided narrow bezel design that provides you more display area. Some other important features are it has an anti-glare matte IPS LED-backlit panel, the response rate is 5ms and it also comes with VESA mounting feature and with built-in speakers.

Final Thoughts

So if you are looking for a monitor under 200 dollars for your reading and writing work. Then this monitor is a perfect choice because it has an excellent screen display, on which you can comfortably read documents.

  • Good Screen display
  • Portrait and landscape mode
  • Adjustable stand
  • Provide you accurate colors
  • Average Speakers
  • No built-in headphone hook

Difference Between IPS VS VA VS TN

IPS (In-Plane Switching)

IPS monitors come with excellent color accuracy and they provide you 178 degree wide viewing angles. So you can comfortably share the screen for reading purposes and also good for designing work. Due to its wide viewing angles when you look at the display from different angles still colors remain the same.

VA (Vertical Alignment)

VA monitors have an excellent contrast ratio and offer you brighter white and deeper blacks. The wide viewing angles and color accuracy are not excellent as compared to the IPS panel but still decent enough and the best choice for reading books, pdf files, and other documents.

TN (Twisted NEMATIC) 

TN monitors are affordable and they are mostly best for gaming purposes because these monitors have excellent refresh rate and response time. The color accuracy and wide viewing angles are average and not a good choice for sharing the display. The contrast ratio is also not great, so if you have a limited budget and looking for a reading monitor that comes with excellent gaming specifications then a TN monitor is a perfect choice for you.

Conclusion of Best Monitors for Reading Documents

Finally, this article best monitors for reading documents is over. If you like any monitor from this list please tell us in the comments section. You want to buy a monitor for reading and writing documents we recommend you to buy ASUS 38 Curve Eye Care monitor or ViewSonic IPS Monitor. If you want to buy a 4k monitor for reading then Philips 4K Monitor is one of them. For budget, monitor goes for HP VH240a or Acer R240HY or you can select any other from the list according to your need.

Thanks for reading this article, we did our best to provide you valuable information about each monitor. In this list of monitors, we discuss both expansive and affordable monitor for reading with different pros and cons which you can select according to your requirements.


  1. mary

    Thanks for review! Will you please elaborate on Asus VZ239H-W Monitor for Text Reading being not so good for sunny room? My room is really sunny and that’s the monitor I’m looking at!

  2. Shannon

    I guess I’m an outlier but a 24″ monitor with 1080p resolution is HORRIBLE for reading. All I see are the pixels and the words now look blurry. Every other site I’ve reviewed indicates a necessary minimum 1200p resolution for a 24″ monitor.

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