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Top 7 Best Label Printer for Shipping (2021)

Looking for the best label printer for shipping and confused which one is best then this article is for you.

You run a small business or large either you create your own products or sell someone else products and shipped them then you should have a label-making printer.

Label printers are very important for different purposes especially for shipping because you can easily create labels for your shipping products in a few minutes, which saves your time and also make your work easy.

Label printer has many advantages, you can easily create right size labels, they are cost-effective, save your time, and many more. Thermal printers are best because they don’t require ink or toner, you only need to replace the label roll whenever the printer is out of paper.

Nowadays a wide variety of label printers are available at different prices having different features. Finding the best label printer at a good price is not an easy task but don’t worry we are sharing a list of top shipping label printers that are selected after seeing different customer reviews and ratings.

Top 7 Best Label Printer for Shipping

NameMaximum SpeedCheck Price
Brother QL-1110NWB Label Printer69 labels per minute Check Price
Arkscan 2054A Shipping Label Printer5 inches per second Check Price
DYMO Label Printer71 labels per minute Check Price
MUNBYN Shipping  Printer127mm/s Check Price
LabelRange Label Printer127mm/s printing speed Check Price
Brother QL-800 Label Printer93 labels per minute Check Price
FungLam Shipping Label Printer127mm/s Check Price

1. Brother QL-1110NWB Thermal Label Printer

Best Label Printer for shipping


This best label printer provide you cost effective labels for your shipping, envelopes, file folders and many more. It has fast printing speed which makes up to 69 standard labels per minute. Its text result quality is 300 dpi having black color.

It makes labels up to 4 inches wide in size which is ideal for shipping products and also for different postage labels. It has another great feature that it detects the size of the tape in the machine and automatically adjusts the onscreen template.

You can print single and multiple labels at the same time due to its automatic cutter feature and also helps you to prevent label sheets from wasting. It has also a barcode crop function from which you can easily print products and other barcode labels from A4 letter size label sheet templates, but you can use this function only on the window operating system.

Its automatic crop function works great from which you can print each label one by one and also an entire sheet of labels by using a snapshot feature. Now coming towards its connectivity it has multiple connectivity options having wired Ethernet, wireless direct, wireless 802.11 b/g/n, Bluetooth wireless technology, and also USB host interface available, which you can use it with a scanner or with other peripheral.

It has a plug and plays feature so no software installation required for Windows PCs. if you want to use it on a network it is easy to integrate and easily manage on a network by using the brother network management tool. You can use this best thermal printer for shipping labels on windows, MAC, and also on window servers.

This wireless shipping label printer includes a USB cable, label creation software, and starter supply. You can also integrate with MS word, excel, and with outlook. It is a thermal label printer so there is no ink or toner replacement need.

  • Prints Wide Format labels
  • Wireless
  • Barcode and automatic crop function
  • Fast printing up to 69 address labels per minute
  • Some Mac user face connectivity problems
  • Little difficult to setup

2. Arkscan 2054A Label Printer (Best Label Printer for Small Business)

best thermal printer for shipping labels


This is another one of the best label printer for shipping. You can use it for barcode labels, product labeling, and for other different labeling purposes. From this printer, you can easily able to print a minimum of 0.75 inches and a maximum 4.25-inch width which is enough for the shipping business.

it provides you high-speed labeling and it takes 1.2 seconds to print one 4 x 6-inch shipping label and also provides you a high resolution of 203 dpi. This thermal label printer support roll paper located inside the printer, and also a fanfold paper which loaded from the back of the printer.

It comes up with free bartender label-making software (windows based only) which contains the most frequently used label-design for printing which saves your time.

  • Print different sizes of labels
  • Good printing speed
  • Great customer support
  • Not support iOS (iPhone/iPad) or Android

3. DYMO Label Printer for Home and Office

best label printer for shipping


This best shipping label printer for small business smoothly handle all your shipping labels, file folder, barcode labels etc and save your time due to its excellent labeling speed. It prints 4 line label address at an impressive 71 labels per minute.

You can easily use it and connects directly to your Windows and Mac operating system. From this best thermal label printer, you can also easily print different custom graphics, barcodes, label address, etc.

Another best feature of this label printer is you can print directly from MS word and also from the Mac address book. It has easy to load label rolls feature and this label printer compatible with window 7 or later and with MAC 10.9 or later. It has easy to load label rolls mechanism so you can easily feed the label sheets into the printer.

This is also a thermal label printer so you don’t need to waste your money on ink or on toner. It includes an adapter, power cable, address labels starter roll, USB cable, and quick start guide for MAC and for a window. Overall this one of the best label printer for your shipping work and its printing quality is also great. if you have a small business then is shipping printer is one of the best choice for you

  • Simple and easy to setup
  • Works incredibly fast
  • Hassle-Free Operation
  • Limited fonts
  • Label size is Average

4. MUNBYN Label Printer

Best Label Printer for Shipping


You can easily set this label printer and it work with all window and MAC operating system. On this thermal printer you can also create different customizable labels directly from any application.

You can use it for different purposes like shipping, food nutrition labels, Amazon FBA labels, UPS, and many more. It works well with all different sales and shipping platforms like eBay, Amazon, SHOPIFY, FEDEX, shipping easy, etc.

It has an automatic label identification feature, simply insert the label and this printer automatically catches the label and feeds it into the printer. Now coming towards its label size it supports labels from 1.57 inch to 4.1” wide which is enough for shipping labels and for warehouse.

This best shipping label printer for mac provides excellent overheat protection because it has an industrial-grade heat dissipation setting which increases the heat dissipation function and protects your printer from overheating and also helps you in continuously printing.

It has also auto prevent paper jams feature and having four non-slip mats on the bottom which provides you good anti-skid function. You can also use this label printer in bookstores, hotels, bakeries, supermarkets, etc.

  • 150mm/s high print speed
  • Overheat Protection
  • Automatic Label Identification
  • Design is not good
  • Comes with a cd installation

5. LabelRange Shipping Label Printer (Best Shipping Label Printer for Small Business)

best label printer for shipping


Looking for a best quality thermal printer which also works great for commercial shipping then this is one of them. It is easy to setup and due to thermal technology this printer don’t need ink and toner.

It easily creates labels up to 4 inches wide including 4 X 6 inches standard shipping labels. You can also use it for retail marketing, warehouse, product labeling, address labeling, barcodes, and for any other purposes.

This best 4×6 shipping label printer has 300DPI resolution which gives you high-quality printing and having 127mm/s printing speed. The design is great and small in size so you can easily keep it on the desk. It is compatible with both Windows and MAC devices and easily connects via USB port.

It has an automatic label identification feature that automatically learns your label when you load the labels so you don’t need to press any button each time.

  • Best for shipping labels
  • Good print quality
  • High speed
  • 300dpi resolution
  • Not wireless

6. Brother QL-800 Professional Label Printer

best thermal printer


This is another best brother label printer which gives you high speed labeling and having unique technology. It also work best for your shipping products, envelopes, file folders, barcodes and for other different business purposes.

Now coming towards its speed this brother thermal printer provide you speed up to 93 labels address in one minute with 300 dpi. Another great feature of this thermal printer is it also provides two colors black and red on the entire label which gives a good look to your label.

It has also a customizable label creation feature, simply connect your computer or laptop to print customized labels. You can also design labels on your android devices through the iPrint & Label app but it requires an additional USBTOGO cable for connection.

It is also a thermal label printer so no need to buy expensive toner, ink. You only require rolls for printing different labels which can easily change when it finished.

This best printer for FBA labels is compatible with Windows and MAC operating systems and you can also integrate with Excel, Word, and with outlook. It is also plug and plays for Windows PCs so no software installation required for Windows.

  • Print amazing black/red Labels
  • Good speed
  • Integrates with Word, Excel, outlook
  • Some user face problem with older MAC
  • Wireless printing needs improvement
  • USBtoGo cable (separate purchase)

7. FungLam Thermal Printer

best label printer for shipping


This is another best thermal printer for ebay and amazon gives you excellent printing speed, provide you 5 inches per second (127mm/s) printing speed. It is easy to use and easy to install, you can simply connect the printer with your desktop or laptop through USB or port cable and install the driver which is provided with printer.

You can easily print a 4 X 6 inches standard shipping label. You can also use it for barcode labels, mailing purposes, in your warehouse, and many more. This thermal label printer supports the roll label which loaded inside the printer and the fanfold label which loaded from the back of the printer. This printer is only compatible with Windows operating system.

  • Pause printing button
  • Good speed
  • Best for different shipping labels
  • Support roll label and fanfold labels
  • Not compatible With MAC


Finally, the article best label printer for shipping is over, if you find your required product tell us in the comment section. The best label printer is which gives you high printing speed, customizable labels format, easy to use. We did our best to share the best possible info about each shipping label printer with pros and cons and hope you get some value about the topic.


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