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Best Indoor Cycling Bike Under $500

Looking for the best indoor cycling bike under $500 then you are in the right place. Indoor cycling bike is one of the most popular exercise equipment and nowadays most people love to exercise on it.

You can easily use it in the gym and also in your home to keep your fitness level good. Indoor cycling exercise gives you many advantages like it improves your cardiovascular fitness, improves the strength of legs, knees, and ankles, helps you in weight loss, improves metabolism, and many more.

If you are confused and want to buy the best indoor cycling bike and having a limited budget don’t worry we are sharing the list of best indoor cycling bikes under 500 dollars which are selected after proper research and seeing different customer reviews.

List of Best Indoor Cycling Bike under $500

NameFlywheelWeight CapacityCheck Price
YOSUDA Indoor Cycling Bike35 lbs270 lbs Check Price
CYCLACE Exercise Bike35 lbs330 lbs Check Price
PYHIGH Indoor Bike35 lbs280 lbs Check Price
SCHWINN Spin Bike40 lbs300 lbs Check Price
POOBOO Indoor Bike35 lbs330 lbs Check Price
JOROTO Belt Drive Bike35 lbs280 lbs Check Price
MEVEM Spin Bike18 lbs280 lbs Check Price

1. YOSUDA Indoor Cycling Bike

best indoor cycling bike under $500


It is smooth stationary cycling bike it comes up with 35LBS flywheel and having excellent heavy duty steel frame. Its heavier flywheel keeps the spin bike steady so you can securely use it and provide you excellent outdoor sports experience at home.

This best spin bike under 500 has a belt-driven system and provides a smoother and quiet ride so it won’t disturb your sleeping kids and apartment neighbors. Now coming towards its handlebar it has a 2-ways adjustable non-slip handlebar that provides you comfort indoor riding experience.

Seats are ergonomics and its size is (L, W, H) is 10 x 8.6 x 2.3 inches, and you can easily adjust the seat up, down, back, and in the front position. If you want to stop riding it has also an emergency brake lever which stops it immediately.

Another best feature of this indoor cycling bike is it comes with an LCD monitor that shows speed, time, distance, calories burned which helps you to keep track of your exercise progress.

It has adjustable cage pedals that provide you excellent safety, comfort and also prevent feet from slipping. This cycle uses pure wool which reduces noise and it also comes with an extra brake pad. Due to wheels on the bottom, you can easily move this indoor cycle bike for exercise so no need for heavy lifting to move from one place to another. its Maximum weight capacity is 270 LBS.

  • Heavy steel frame
  • LCD monitor
  • Very low noise
  • Adjustable Seat
  • Nuts and bolts need improvement
  • Tablet holder is Average

2. CYCLACE Exercise Bike

best indoor cycling bike under $500


CYCLACE indoor exercise bike provides a quiet, stable and safe cycling. It has 36lbs flywheel which gives you smooth spinning and comfortable ride. Due to its pure wool brake pad it produce almost no noise.

It is equipped with thickened steel and having a triangular frame. This indoor cycle has a belt-driven system and supports up to 330lbs weight. Another great feature of this product is it has extended seat support so tall people also ride comfortably.

Its seat is ergonomically designed and its cushion is great which provides a comfortable riding experience. Its cushion size is (L×W×H) 10.43″×8″×2″ having spring added buffer which is comfortable and suitable for long riding.

It has an excellent quality 2-way adjustable non-slip handlebar, its cage-style pedals are excellent and protect your feet from slipping and the resistance bar is stronger for a long time cycling. This product also has wheels that help you to move your cycle bike easily.

This best spin bike under 500 also gives you good protection setting like simply press down the adjustable resistance bar for immediate flywheel stop. Its warning point tells you the minimum height of the handlebar safety setting. This product has four balance regulators that provide good stability on different surfaces.

Its LCD monitor tracks your distance, calories burned, time, and odometer when you are cycling. This cycling bike also has an iPad stand, water bottle holder, and holes on the chaincase to help dissipate heat.

  • Multi-grip handlebar
  • Support Up To 330lbs
  • 4 ways the adjustable seat
  • Distance shows in Kilometers, not in miles
  • Seat need improvement for big people

3. PYHIGH Indoor Cycling Bike under $500

best spin bike under 500


This best home spin bike under 500 dollars has heavy-duty steel frame and comes with belt drive system. It has an extra fixing device to avoid handlebar wobble. Its installation is simple and all needed tools are available with this indoor cycle.

The heavier the flywheel, the smoother ride you will get so this indoor cycling bike has a 35lbs bidirectional flywheel which provides you amazing stability with felt pads for adjustable resistance. Its solid leather transmission belt with TPI bearing work great so you can easily use it for a long time riding.

Its caged foot pedals are made up of aluminum alloy and having adjustable covers that prevent your feet from slipping and you can easily do pedaling. It comes with an extended seat post and easily supports 280lbs weight.

Now coming towards the brake its equipped with a smooth felt fabric brake pad system, and you will also get different tension resistance which helps you to burn calories.

The handlebar is durable having an anti-skid property which can easily be adjusted up and down, you can also move it from one place to another on wheels. It has a digital monitor screen from which you can track your time, speed, distance, calories, etc.

It comes with an oversized saddle having a big cushion that provides you good comfort in riding. You can easily adjust its padded seat which moves up, down forward, and in backward direction easily.

Now coming towards its horizontal adjustment it has four foot which provides great support on uneven floors and it has rock-solid construction and an extra-wide base which also protects your carpet and floor.

It also includes a bottle holder and an iPad/phone holder.

  • Bike is sturdy
  • Bidirectional Flywheel
  • Anti-Skidding Handle Bar
  • Quiet
  • Ability to adjust the resistance

  • Handlebars are little thin
  • Plastic phone stand
  • Seat seems little hard

4. Schwinn Indoor Cycling Bike (Best Spin Bike Under 500)

best indoor cycling bike under $500


This is another best indoor cycling bike under $500 it has 40 pound flywheel and comes with smooth silent belt drive system and having excellent infinite resistance. It has padded handlebars which keep you comfortable during long exercise.

Now coming towards its seat it has a ventilated race-style seat which provides you excellent seat comfort and you can easily sit for a long period of time. You can also adjust the seat horizontally and vertically according to your needs.

It has a good quality media rack and water bottle holder so you can stay hydrated during your workout. It comes with a dual SPD pedal which using standard toe cages or SPD clips based on rider preference which offers good comfort to your feet.

LCD monitor shows heart rate, time distance RPMs, and calories information.

  • Smooth pedal motion
  • Easy to assemble
  • Dual SPD Pedals
  • Comfortable seat
  • Seat mast is made of thin aluminum
  • Pedals need improvement

5. pooboo Indoor Cycling Bike

best indoor cycling bike under $500


On this indoor cycling bike, you can easily do your exercise. It has heavy-duty steel frame and crank add essential quality and durability. It comes with 35lbs bidirectional flywheel and also equipped with continuously variable resistance and it has belt drive system.

Its digital monitor shows time, speed, calories information, distance, and having good quality tablet/phone holder. Now coming towards its brake and resistance feature it has a resistance knob for easy adjustment, simply turn the knob to adjust. Its break activates quickly and safely when you press down the same knob.

This best indoor cycle bike comes with an oversized saddle having a big cushion provides you a good comfort ride experience. Its padded seat is fully adjustable and you can easily move it up, down, backward, and forward. You can also adjust its handlebar up and down for your comfort. It supports a maximum of 330lbs weight.

Cage pedals are made up of good quality which provides great comfort and safety. It has aluminum alloy cape pedals and its adjustable covers prevent your feet from slipping. The water bottle also available with this product and its wheel on the bottom allow you to move the exercise bike easily from one place to another. You can also adjust it on the uneven floor by floor levelers.

  • Fully Adjustable Seat
  • Adjustable Pedals and Elbow Supports
  • Bidirectional Flywheel
  • Aluminum alloy cape pedals
  • Average LCD Monitor

6. JOROTO Belt Drive Indoor Cycling

best indoor cycling bikes under 500


This is another best indoor cycling bike it provide you good magnetic resistance having 6 magnets which provides smooth riding by increasing the magnetic fields resistance. You can easily control the workout intensity through multi-control resistance switch.

It has a 35lbs bidirectional flywheel with a 50mm thickened frame tube and having a belt drive system that is quiet and provides you a stable cycling experience. Its total weight capacity is 280lbs.

The seat is ergonomic and has a fully 4-way adjustable feature with wide leather padded, which you can easily move it in backward/forward, up and down direction. Its seat is also having a breathable design, which gives you comfortability in a long ride.

It has a 4-way adjustable handlebar which you can also adjust it in up, down, backward and in a forward direction according to your need so you can easily do your different exercises.  Its tension control knob has excellent which urgently stops function.

Now coming towards its pedals it has steel toe-caged pedals having adjustable straps and buckle, so you can easily do pedaling in forward and in a backward direction.

Its digital monitor show speed, distance, time, calories burned, and also having a multi-function holder for a water bottle, mobile phone, and for tablet. Its 4 leveler provides you good stability on a different surface.

  • Quiet
  • Easy to assemble
  • Comfort seat
  • You cannot hold a bottle and tablet at the same time

7.  MEVEM Spin Bike Under 500

best at home spin bike under 500


This best spin bike under 500 is super smooth, silent and provide you good indoor exercise activities at home. It has 18lbs bidirectional flywheel with solid transmission belt system offers you stable and comfort experience.

Due to its magnetic resistance, you feel like you are riding outdoor, its magnetic resistance gives high-quality intensity magnet through a magnetic plate which provides you infinite levels of resistance.

Its seats are comfortable and good quality cushion which gives you a good riding experience. It has 4 ways seat adjustment and 2 ways handlebar adjustment which you can set it according to your need.

This best at home spin bike under 500 dollars has aluminum alloy caged pedal and has adjustable straps which prevent your feet from slipping and provide you safety while you are pedaling.

Its horizontal adjustment build is great so you can easily fit it on different surfaces and also protect your floor and carpet. Its monitor track time, speed, distance etc and you can also hold your phone on a monitor. It also includes an emergency knob for immediate stopping.

  • Good seat quality
  • Sturdy Bike
  • Different places to put hands on handlebars
  • Quiet and smooth
  • Not best for tall persons
  • Magnetic resistance need improvement


Finally, the article best indoor cycling bike under $500 is over. We have gone through different cycling bikes and selected the above list for you. The best cycling bike under a limited budget also provides you some great features like Bidirectional Flywheel, belt-driven system, anti-skid cage pedal, adjustable seat and different position handlebars, magnetic resistance, LCD monitor, and many more.

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