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Best Document Scanners for Small Business

Are you looking for the best document scanner for small business and confused about which one is best? Don’t worry we are sharing a list of best document scanners that are selected after proper research and seeing different customer reviews and ratings.

Every business either it’s large or small they should have a document scanner to keep its documents in digitized form and send important documents quickly to anyone when it is required.

List of Best Document Scanner for Small Business

NamePages per minuteCheck Price
Brother Document Scanner25 Check Price
Canon Photo and Document Scanner6 Check Price
Fujitsu Duplex Scanner30 Check Price
Brother Duplex Scanner5 Check Price
Canon imageFORMULA R40 Office Document40 Check Price
Xerox DocuMate Duplex Scanner25 Check Price
Epson Portable Scanner25 Check Price

1. Brother Wireless Document Scanner

Best Document Scanners for Small Business


This scanner offers fast document digitization. You can easily scan your required documents both single and double side in a single pass up to 25 ppm (pages per minute). You can scan up to 34” long documents, receipts and also images with excellent scan quality. It has 20 page capacity having a auto document feeder.

Its display is touchscreen and it has an auto start scan feature which works excellent, simply drop your required documents into the feeder and all the other work done by this scanner.

It supports different scan-to destinations paths like email, file, cloud services, USB, network, mobile devices and many more. It is compatible with Windows, Linux, and MAC and it has a dedicated card slot from which you can easily scan your business IDs card and images.

This scanner comes up with images optimization and text enhancement feature which helps you in text enhancement, image rotation (for PC only) automatic color detection, adjustment and also helps in bleed through prevention and in background removal.

  • Excellent scanning speed
  • Scan double side
  • Easy to Use
  • Optimize images and text feature
  • Does not scan directly to cloud services (need software)

2. Canon Photo and Document Scanner

Best Document Scanner for Small Business


If you are looking for best portable scanner then this is one of the best scanner. It has easy to use operation and it comes up with send to cloud feature from which you can easily upload photos and other documents to your cloud account.

It provides maximum optical resolution up to 4800 x 4800 dpi2 and having a 48-bit vivid color depth, which produces 281 trillion possible colors. This small office document scanner has an auto document fix feature that employs automatically area-by-area correction for excellent scanning and easy to view result.

If we talk about its speed it scans color size letter in approximately 10 seconds, and its auto-scan mode automatically recognizes the type of original and scan with a suitable setting with a single scan button.

From its five EZ buttons you can easily perform scan, copy, send to cloud and also create PDF files faster. Its plugging is very easy because it’s required only one USB cable for both power and data. You can use it on a window and with a Mac operating system.

  • Excellent for small business
  • Auto Document Fix feature
  • Excellent Resolution
  • Quickly scan document
  • Not good for mac operating system
  • Not for heavy use

3. Fujitsu Duplex Document Scanner

best Document Scanner for Small Business


This best document scanner for small business has double side scanning feature and comes up with advanced paper feeding system. You can easily scan your business documents, receipts and photos.

Its scanning speed is 30 ppm which is enough for small business work and it has a 50-page automatic document feeder. The optical resolution of this scanner is 600 dpi.

It has 4.3 inches touchscreen display from which you can easily scan your documents to your required destinations, for example, desktop or laptop folder, google drive, dropbox and many more. You can easily connect it with WIFI or from a USB cable. It’s built-in software automatically clean up your documents with automatic cropping and also delete the blank pages.

  • Fast and efficient.
  • Double-sided scanning option
  • Initial set up was not easy
  • Expensive

4. Brother Duplex Scanner (Best Portable Document Scanner)

Best Portable Document Scanner


Want to buy best portable scanner for your business which you can also use it in travelling, then this scanner is for you. It has lightweight and duplex (double side) scanning capability.

In single side scanning, it scans 8 pages per minute and in double-sided it scans 5 pages per minute in both color, and in black and white. On this scanner, you can scan documents up to 8.5 inches wide and 32 inches long.

This scanner produces both color and black/white scans up to 600 X 600 dpi resolution, and the look of this scanner is great due to its sleek design. Weight is less than 1 pound and it is 12 inches in length which you easily keep in a briefcase and in a business bag.

You can scan your required documents and photos to both the local and shared folder. One other great feature in this scanner is the BR-Receipts application which helps you to generate expense reports from scanned receipts and export it into QuickBook.

You can easily power it with a USB cable and it works with all windows, Mac and Linux operating systems. Its software suite includes business card management, desktop document management, and it has OCR feature.

  • Duplex scanning
  • Fast scanning
  • Excellent quality scans
  • Lightweight and portable
  • Some mac user face connectivity issues
  • Photo scan quality is not excellent

5. Canon Document Scanner for Office and Home Use

Best Document Scanner for Small Business


This scanner is simple to set up and anybody easily use it if it has not an IT background. From this scanner, you can easily scan your long documents either its thick or thin and different business cards, receipt and many others.

You can easily connect a laptop, pc to this scanner from the USB cable and it works quickly. It scans both sides of documents at the same time.  It has 40 pages per minute scan capacity and having a 60 sheets automatic feeder.

This best office scanner has a feature from which you directly send your scan documents to your cloud account like google drive, dropbox, etc. it works with windows and mac operating system and it has also optical character recognition (OCR) feature.

  • Automatically chuck out blank pages
  • 60 sheet automatic feeder
  • Good Scan quality
  • Auto-page rotate feature just doesn’t work well

6. Xerox DocuMate Duplex Scanner

Best Document Scanner for Small Business


This Xerox scanner comes up with 50 page automatic document feeder and it automatically scan documents into searchable PDF files. It scans 25 double sided documents in one minute and it is compatible with Window and MAC operating system.

Its maximum ADF paper size is 8.5 by 14 inches and the minimum paper size is 2.5 by 2 inches. This scanner has a visionary OneTouch feature that connects your scanner with powerful settings with a single touch button from which you automatically sent scanned documents to email, file folder and to cloud storage.

Another great feature of this scanner is VISIONEER Acuity which improves the quality of scanned images and also increases OCR accuracy. This scanner comes up with optical character recognition software that quickly turns scanned documents into editable formatted text.

  • Scans up to 25 double-sided documents in one minute
  • Easy to use
  • Good for heavy use
  • Settings are difficult to manage.
  • In error mode you have to unplug it

7. Epson Portable Document Scanner

Best Document Scanner for Small Business


This is another best portable scanner for small business it gives you fast scanning speed in single side and in double side scanning. It gives you scanning speed up to 25 ppm/50 ipm.

It has a 20-page auto document feeder and from this scanner, you can easily send your scanned documents to your cloud storage account. You can use its AC power if there is no USB power from your laptop or computer.

It has built-in optical character recognition which helps you to create searchable PDF and editable excel and word files. Due to its Epson image processing technology, this scanner helps you in the auto crop, skew correction and in a blank page, background removal.

  • Excellent scanning quality
  • Compatible with Most Office Software
  • Best for small office
  • Average edge detection
  • USB cable is only 3 feet long

Tips for buying best document scanner for small business

When you are buying a scanner for your business keeps the following factors in mind.

  1. The first consideration you should have when you are buying a scanner that for what purpose you are buying a scanner. you want to scan only documents or you can also use it for images also.
  2. The scanner should easily scan your documents, receipt and anybody can easily operate it. If you want to buy a scanner for photos go for a scanner that is specifically designed for images because it gives you a high resolution and enhanced color for images.
  3. If you scan a lot of documents go for a scanner that scans a high number of pages in a minute and have a automatic document feeder. Are you travel a lot and you need a scanner in traveling go for a portable scanner. If you scan documents rarely you can buy a normal scanner that has a low price.
  4. When you are buying a scanner first check is it compatible with your operating system or not because many users face compatibility problems. Especially If you are Mac or Linux user first check it’s compatibility because many scanners don’t work fully with Mac and Linux so before buying first ask from the manufacturer.


Buy a scanner that scans double side pages, easily scan long documents, receipts, ID and business cards. if you also want to buy a scanner which scan images go for a scanner that has excellent image scan quality. If you like this article please tell us in the comments section.

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