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What are the Advantages of Laptop

As we know technology plays an important role nowadays in every profession either its teaching, doctor, lawyer or any other profession. Every person now going towards technology to make his work easy and fast. In this article, we are discussing some best advantages of laptop

advantages of Laptop


  • If you travel a lot and want to access your business documents, emails, create college or university notes or want to do any other things then a laptop is best for you because you can easily create documents, sent emails and do many more things from any place.
  • Nowadays laptops come with good battery life some laptops have 12 hours of battery life, some have 8 or 6 hours which are enough for different professions to do their daily work without worry about power problems.
  • Another best advantage of a laptop is, you can buy a convertible laptop means you can use it as a tablet and as a laptop both, which is a great feature for teachers, students, businessmen so they can easily travel and work on it.
  • You can easily use a laptop anywhere, simply take it out from the bag and press the power button, your laptop is ready to use. You don’t need to attach a keyboard, mouse.
  • Nowadays mostly laptops come with a built-in Full HD IPS display which gives you excellent screen display and also having built-in eye care features that keep your eyes from strain so you can easily work for a long period of time.
  • Many laptops have a built-in backlit keyboard which you can easily be used in darkness because of its lights up from behind the keys. Due to this feature, you can easily write your documents, notes, etc.
  • If you love touchscreen devices you can also buy a touchscreen laptop from which you can easily do your work. Another advantage of laptop is you can also install a Chromebook operating system and install different applications from google apps.
  • Many Laptops comes with more advanced security feature like a fingerprint reader, which keep your privacy more secure and you can easily access your laptop without remembering your difficult password.
  • Now coming towards ports new laptops now come with different high-speed USB ports like USB 3.0, USB type-c, and with thunderbolt 3 port from which you can transfer data faster.

Difference between PC and Laptop

PC (personal computer) is used on a fixed location while a laptop is portable and you can easily use it in different locations. Laptops come with a built-in screen, keyboard,  mouse and Wi-Fi, while on PC you have externally connect keyboard, mouse, and monitor.

Another big difference between laptop and pc is, a laptop has a battery and having charging capacity while pc has not charged capacity once the power is off your PC automatically shut down.

Conclusion of best advantages of Laptop

Finally, the article best advantages of laptop are over. If you mostly travel due to business or go to college or university or for your office work then buy a laptop which you can easily use it and do your everyday work.

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